Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feel the Toadies

ToadiesFeeler800-450x450 Today marks the day that the Toadies finally got Feeler Released (digitally & through mailorder). It doesn’t come to stores until August 17th, but today you can purchase it for $6.99 on amazon or through iTunes with a bonus beatles cover for $9.99. Ever since I heard about Feeler I had hoped that one day it would get released, the toadies have without a doubt grown to be one of my absolute favorite 90’s bands. I do have many favorites from the 90’s but they would be in my top 5. So today to celebrate the release of their sophomore album finally getting released I’m posting demos I found through a forum (the toadies forum?) only within the last year, enjoy!

Toadies – 1997 Feeler Demos

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The blow you didn’t even ask for

blowparThe other day my friend Eric & I made a digital mix that I’ll be posting pretty soon, and we’re going to try and do them like every two weeks. We wanted to do a podcast but I was having problems with recording music and us and since I do all the editing it was just far too frustrating for me to edit. So instead I think we’re going to do digital mixes with vinyl records only. I’ll have that that posted this week.

So until then I have a couple of fun vinyl pieces that I haven’t seen around the net at all, and I swore I used to see the Parentheses EP on the iTunes store or something. So enjoy some exclusive blow remixes & B-sides.

Personal note: I like the parentheses remixes better then any of the ones from the 12” or Poor Aim re-release.

The Blow: Parentheses EP
The Love That I Crave 12” Maxi-Single
Alphabet Single Series K

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jacked Up Meat

aimI love demo cassettes, I also love special cassette only albums or eps. I just love something that can make a release more unique. I don’t think that this album gained anything by being on cassette. However, for the time it came out (1996) it didn’t hurt it all that much either, I was definitely still listening to tapes up until 2001 and as much as possible beyond that. So this is a full length album only released on cassette from Baltimore metal crazies. Maybe their stoner rock, maybe their like the melvins and they don’t give a fuck. either way, they put out great heavy distorted pissed off  music.

Meatjack – Aim

also for metal lovers, this album was produced by Meatjack & Steve Austin

check out meatjack’s website, which is still operational and has tons of good info about them and their current projects

Friday, June 4, 2010

Boiling Man, Broken Man


Earlier today I mentioned on twitter Boiling Man’s “Roadkill Museum” EP. I always find myself coming back to, I don’t necessarily know why its nothing too special except just really good crusty punk songs. With lyrics I can get down with, I’m not one for drinking or getting high and I am vegetarian and I do believe in the straight edge ways of life. So really that's a lot of ground to cover.

In this zip file I included Boiling Man’s EP as well as their Split with Broken and two compilation tracks one from each band. I haven’t seen a whole lot of Boiling Man or Broken on other blogs so hopefully someone thats been looking will find this and enjoy it as much as I do.

Boiling Man “Roadkill Museum” EP & More!

Monday, May 17, 2010

For fun: the first 2 90's B-Side Mixes

I thought it was quite fun sharing my 3rd part to my b-side mix series so here's the first two.

Best of the 90's: The B-Sides, Disc 1
1. Beastie Boys "Mullethead" - Clueless OST
2. Soul Coughing "16 Horses" - X-Files OST
3. Elastica "Spastica" - Radio one Sessions
4. Sponge "Seventeen" - Mallrats OST
5. Toadies "Cut Me Out" - Escape From LA OST
6. Fountains of Wayne "Places" - Out of State Plates
7. Better Than Ezra "Circle of Friends" - Empire Records OST
8. Blind Melon "Hell" - Nico
9. Seven Mary Three "Shelf Life" - The Crow 2 OST
10. Deftones "Can't Even Breathe" - Escape from LA OST
11. Incubus & DJ Greyboy "Familiar" - Spawn OST
12. The Cardigans "Deuce" - The X-Files OST
13. Nirvana "Oh, The Guilt" - Jesus Lizard split
14. Veruca Salt "Stacey Please" - Seether Single
15. Beck "Fume" - Loser Single
16. Moby "In My Life" - Bring Back My Happiness Single
17. Lemonheads "Paint" - Favorite Spanish Dishes EP
18. Ben Folds Five "Leather Jacket" - Army Single

Best of the 90's: The B-Sides, Disc 2
1. The Prodigy "Molotov Bitch" - Firestarter Single
2. Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot "No Remorse" - Spawn OST
3. White Zombie "The One" - Escape From LA OST
4. Everclear "Hateful" - M.O.M. comp
5. Green Day "Descensitized" - Time of Your Life Single
6. Weezer "Jamie" - Buddy Holly Single
7. Pearl Jam "Yellow Ledbetter" - Jeremy Single
8. The Cure "Burn" - The Crow OST
9. Bjork "Play Dead" - Debut [Japan Bonus Track]
10. Silverchair "Untitled" - Anthem For THe Year 200 Single
11. Foo Fighters "The Colour & The Shape" - Monkey Wrench Single
12. Bush "Bubbles" - Mallrats OST
13. Nada Surf "Pressure Free" - Popular Single
14. Counting Crows "Einstein On The Beach" - DGC Rarities, Vol 1 comp
15. Smashing Pumpkins "Aeroplane Flies High" - Thirty Three Single
16. Filter "Thanks Bro" - X-Files: Songs in the Key of X

By Request - Part 3 of my 90's B-Side mix

I have 2 90's b-side mixes that I hold in a fairly high esteem, they have their blemishes but I still really love them. Today I finalized a third collection, about 2-3 years after the first two. I know I tried in the past to create new ones but I hated all the transitions and even some of the tracks.

I do have some guide lines for these types of mixes,
1. Must have been released in the 90's.
2. The mix should be around 60 minutes, like a mix tape. (i know some cassettes ran longer but standardly it was 60min tapes)
3. I don't think I have more then 2 rules for this one.

the past ones don't have any artwork or anything for them, because their for personal use so yanno I don't really go through the extra effort. However, I was thinking of making a "Boxed Set" version of them. I thought it would be fun.

I only included one source for each track but some of these definitely have multiple sources. Like "Burn" by NIN was also released on the Deluxe Edition of The Downward Spiral, also this is important, the version of Smash Mouth's "Sorry About Your Penis" is the fast punk rock version not the Lounge version released on the Orgazmo Soundtrack

Best of the 90's: The B-Sides, Part 3
1. Nine Inch Nails "Burn" - Natural Born Killers OST
2. Hum "Puppets" - Comin' Home Single
3. Archers of Loaf "What Did You Expect" - The Speed of Cattle
4. Queens of the Stone Age "Born to Hula" - Kyuss Split
5. Butthole Surfers "Pottery" - Escape from LA OST
6. The Melvins "Instant Larry" - Demon Knight OST
7. Violent Femmes "Color Me Once" - The Crow OST
8. Stabbing Westward "Dawn" - Escape From LA OST
9. Garbage "#1 Crush" - Romeo & Juliet OST
10. Presidents of the USA "Man" - Good Burger OST
11. Smash Mouth "Sorry About Your Penis" - Walkin' On The Sun Single
12. Sugar Ray "Rivers" - Scream 2 OST
13. Wax "Mallrats" - Mallrats OST
14. The Offspring "Mission From God" - Punk O Rama 10 comp
15. Bad Religion "Mediocrity" 21st Century Digital Boy Single
16. Sublime "Trenchtown Rock" Second Hand Smoke
17. Folk Implosion "Natural One" Kids OST
18. that dog. "I Invented A Head" Old Time Single

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hey everyone, just poppin in for a moment, I've been playing around with tumblr lately and I wanted to post about two bands I've been listening to a lot lately that I had written shortly about over there.

Recently the Deftones released two new singles, one for a ridiculously titled song "Rocket Skates" & the title track follow-up "Diamond Eyes". Both of which are really freaking awesome, what these tracks and some other stuff I've heard the album seems like it might be the best thing since Around the Pony. As a teenager I really loved the Deftones angsty music & poetically drunk lyrics, they truely understood the loud-quiet-loud formula that nirvana perfected and added in a pinch of rap influence. So if you were ever interested in the Deftones, seriously.. check out the new album "Diamond Eyes". I think its going to be good. also much love to Chi, who's been in a coma since 2008 due to a car accident. I always loved Chi, couldn't really tell you why... I just liked what he played and how he presented himself. I didn't know him personally but I definitely appreciated him in any way I possibly could.

now onto a newer group, Saintseneca. I came across this group searching for old Reflector stuff from a label called Paper Brigade, apparently that label is doing stuff again... like putting out amaziny records from this group. They're super limited s/t 7" is curretly out of print but is still available for download from all the right venues (as well as the paper brigade website) and more importantly they just released a new EP called "Grey Flag" which isn't the same pace as the first ep but is just as catchy and addicting. Seriously, if you like acoustic music or music that makes you feel good or music that takes you and throws you into a group people singing for love and passion and music then download/purchase, listen, and repeat.

Enjoy Friends

Saintseneca "God bones" (youtube)
Deftones "Rocket Skates" (youtube)